Application procedure


Academic semester/year

Courses are taught in French. Language proficiency:

We do not require official language proficiency tests but honest proficiency statements in the form. However, if students have official statements, they are welcome to provide them. Usually a B1 or B2 level is expected to attend courses in French.

Application deadlines: June 15th: Fall semester November 15th: Spring semester Students will receive their acceptance letter only after admission.

Our programs of studies by speciality

International semesters

ENSIL-ENSCI offers 4 different international semesters with courses taught in ENGLISH only:

Electrical Engineering and System Control
International semester

Through many hours of practical laboratory, you will gain an industrial oriented experience together with strong theoretical bases in the domain of Electrical Engineering and System Control.

Materials and Surface Treatments Engineering
International semester

Through exclusive training in Surface Coating and Treatments, you will master conventional and innovative processes so that you may adapt the properties of the surface of materials and parts optimally to their utilization, while respecting the environment.

Industrial ceramics and processing
International semester

Unique in France, this speciality will prepare you with specific knowledge and skills relevant to the processing of non-metallic mineral materials. The training incorporates a comprehensive approach to powder preparation, forming and ring of ceramic bodies and is associated with process engineering.

Water Engineering
International semester

Thanks to a recognized expertise and multiple collaborators around the world, this semester in“Water Engineering” will form you on environmental sciences and technologies in watertreatment. Through a sustainable and innovative approach, you will operate watermanagement, from its characterization to its distribution, and monitor water treatmentprocesses at laboratory and semi-industrial pilots scale.


Who is concerned? International students (Erasmus, exchange programs…).

Language proficiency: Usually a B1 or B2 level is expected to attend courses in English. When does the program take place? Spring semester, 1st February – 31st May (15 weeks of classes) Application deadline: December 10th Students will receive their acceptance letter only after admission.

Admission fees

The admission fees is 2000 euros*. * Europeans students (ERASMUS) and some of our partners (following the signed agreement) are exempt from these costs. Please ask us for further information.